Gerrymandering finally explained!

Voting problems
Did you ever wonder why everyone in the USA hates their congressional representation as a whole, even though we all had a chance to vote for them in our own districts? One huge reason is gerrymandering, which is a devious method that political incumbents use to take away the power of our individual votes. This video provides a good explanation of how gerrymandering happens, and why it is so easy for incumbent politicians to exploit.


This video goes further into explaining a better alternative to gerrymandered representation.


2 thoughts on “Gerrymandering finally explained!

  1. This is really awesome. Let’s get it rolling. I’m a registered republican, but I’m more of a libertarian. I want to effect change in this country, but it seems insurmountable.

    Note: I think something needs to be done with the spam filters on the site–checking Activity or Groups shows that we’re missing validation on the registration for those elements.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up Steve. Just cleaned up the new forum spam and installed a couple of new filters that should keep things tidy. Please start a forum for your home state so we can start organizing a party branch there!