Happy with your voting choices this year? Join us for better future choices!

Let’s be honest, you can think of a lot of friends and neighbors who would be better leaders than the campaign finance beggars we elect to office each year. We’re stuck with whatever fools the party duopoly leadership deigns to give us. Thanks to anti-democratic voting issues like the spoiler effect, that’s just how things are in the United States right now. But what if they didn’t have to stay that way?

A better way to vote is here.

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Candidate Development With People You Really Like

Startup business advisors talk a lot about customer development and lead user discovery through interviewing the target service population. They advocate entrepreneurs should “get out of the building!” — go out and find interested constituents wherever they live, work, and play. Just imagine we could find better candidates for political offices this way!

Run-For.Us has discovered a great candidate development model here!

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Gerrymandering finally explained!

Did you ever wonder why everyone in the USA hates their congressional representation as a whole, even though we all had a chance to vote for them in our own districts? One huge reason is gerrymandering, which is a devious method that political incumbents use to take away the power of our individual votes. This video provides a good explanation of how gerrymandering happens, and why it is so easy for incumbent politicians to exploit.


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