Happy with your voting choices this year? Join us for better future choices!

Let’s be honest, you can think of a lot of friends and neighbors who would be better leaders than the campaign finance beggars we elect to office each year. We’re stuck with whatever fools the party duopoly leadership deigns to give us. Thanks to anti-democratic voting issues like the spoiler effect, that’s just how things are in the United States right now. But what if they didn’t have to stay that way?

A better way to vote is here.

Answers to our problems include better vote counting systems. The best systems are variations of score voting, just like you would score a restaurant on a scale as a number or a percent. You wouldn’t refrain from scoring a restaurant you like “five stars” on a scale of 5, just because you gave a different restaurant the same score yesterday. So why should you score your favorite political candidates any differently? A simplified version of this voting system is called approval voting. You simply mark the candidates or measures you approve, and don’t mark anything you disapprove or aren’t sure about. It’s kind of like score voting on a scale from 1 to 0 — any mark like a “1” shows approval, and leaving no mark indicates disapproval or indecision.

The best thing about approval voting is that it works a lot like your old ballot does, except you can vote to approve more than one candidate in each race! That means no more discarded ballots just because more than one choice was marked (accidentally or not), and no more spoiler effect because two likable candidates have an equal chance at getting your approval. Under score and approval voting systems, the candidate with the most actual approval (not perceived winnability) can always win despite false poll predictions. We’re pretty sure Nate Silver would approve!

Startup Party USA would like to work with open source code from the Center for Election Science to bring score voting variants (including approval voting) to our nation, to finally bring democracy to the US of A! We’re going to have to integrate their tools into Startup Party USA candidate infrastructure, which is going to take some time and money up front. Please donate to them using the link below.

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